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Green and white squash. Jake's on the Water.

Image courtesy of the Farm-to-Table Initiative led by Cornell Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence County.

GardenShare compiles and publishes an monthly electronic newsletter that is sent to about 1,500 friends and supporters. The newsletters are chock full of news and information about GardenShare and local, state, and national food justice news. Scroll down to see the latest monthly newsletter and to explore past issues.


  • March 2020: Bonus Bucks, Farmers Market Volunteers, Book Recommendation, Student Spotlights
  • February 2020: New Mission Statement, Biggest Little Farm at Cinema 10, Trivia Night Plans, Get in the Guide, Black History Month Book Recommendation, Food Justice Events
  • January 2020: New Board Members, LFG Cover Art Sought, MLK Observance


  • December 2019: Annual Appeal, GardenShare Gift Guide
  • November 2019: Volunteer Opportunities, Nature's Storehouse Contribution, CBL Students
  • October 2019: Fight Hunger 5K Recap, Growing Community Social, Community Partner Profile - Laurell Brault, Market Updates
  • September 2019: Upcoming Annual Fight Hunger 5K and Growing Community Award, Double Up Food Bucks, Community Partner Profile—Samuel Joseph
  • August 2019: Laurell Brault to be presented with Growing Community Award, Upcoming Annual Fight Hunger 5K, Back-to-School Events, Public Transportation to Farmers Markets Available 
  • July 2019: Annual Dinner Highlights, Where are my Veggies?!?, Community Partner Profile - Kathryn Farr
  • June 2019: Community Partner Profile - Sonja Jensen, New Food Guides are Available!, GardenShare seeks nominations for Growing Community Award
  • May 2019: Community Partner Profile - Big Spoon Kitchen, Bonus Bucks still available, Resources for Home Gardners
  • April 2019: Community Partner Profile - Raymond Bowdish, Bonus Bucks are back, Mobile Farmers Market Feasibility Study released
  • March 2019: Community Partner Profile - Lee Van de Water, Canton Winterfest Film Screening, Kappa Delta Sigma Sorority Rides for GardenShare!
  • February 2019: Community Partner Profile - Niiohontesha Herne, Upcoming Events


  • December 2018:  Sustainers Circle, A Fond Farewell to Maggie, Nature's Storehouse Thanksgiving Gratitude Fundraiser 
  • November 2018: 16 th Annual Growing Community Award, Community Comes Together for Potato Gleaning, E-Ways to Give This Holiday Season
  • October 2018: Becky Allen assumes Executive Director position, Congress has let the Farm Bill expire, Over $12,000 raised at Fight Hunger 5K
  • September 2018:  Hardship even in a time of plenty, Mark your calendars for the 5K, Farmers market volunteers make a difference, retired Executive Director Gloria McAdam chosen as this year's Growing Community awardee
  • August 2018: Farmers Market/SNAP Update, GardenShare Seeks Executive Director, Summer Adventures
  • July 2018:  9th Annual Benefit Dinner & Auction a Success!, 2018 Growing Community Award Nominees Needed by July 9, Family Fun at the Farmers Market
  • June 2018: Annual Benefit Dinner & Auction coming up, Summer Adventures Begin Next Month
  • May 2018: Summer Adventures: Good Food and Fun!, Summer Adventures: Good Food and Fun!, Farmers Market Season Begins!
  • Summer Adventures: Good Food and Fun!, 9th Annual Benefit Dinner & Auction coming soon, Give Mom's Planting a Boost
  • April 2018: Farmers meet at the Bucc, reading discussion, volunteers needed
  • March 2018: Cabin Fever Trivia, Local Food Guide in the works, Farm Credit Northeast grant awarded
  • February 2018: Growing Community Award reception, Winterfest film, Finish the MLK Action Challenge this month!
  • January 2018: Join us for the Growing Community Social, Lots to look forward to this winter


  • November 2017: Volunteers, AmeriCorps, market season windes down
  • October 2017: Farmers markets, Fight Hunger 5K results, donor profile
  • September 2017: Farmers markets, Hunger Action Month, Fight Hunger 5K
  • Late summer 2017: Farmers markets, Fight Hunger 5K, AmeriCorps VISTA volunteers
  • August 2017: Farmers markets, upcoming Fight Hunger 5k, volunteer opportunities
  • July 2017: Farmers markets, dinner and auction sucess and thank you!
  • June 2017: Farmers markets, volunteers, Hunger 101
  • May 2017: Farmers markets opening, fundraising dinner and auction
  • Spring 2017: Farmers Markets opening, Bonus Bucks, Local Food Guide, volunteers needed
  • April 2017: Open House Invitation, park clean-ups, and more
  • March 2017: Expanded Bonus Bucks Program, Local Food Guide, Trivia Night
  • February 2017: In Defense of Food, Growing Community Award, Trivia Night
  • January 2017: Growing Community Award, MLK Day


  • December 2016 - Growing Community Award, holiday volunteer opportunities, new faces
  • November 2016:  Farmers Market season wraps up, CCE recognizes GardenShare with award
  • October 2016: Fight Hunger 5K results, Farmers Markets still going
  • September 2016: Fight Hunger 5K, Farmers Markets
  • August 2016:  Farmers markets, CSA Bonus Bucks, Fight Hunger 5K
  • July 2016:  Farmers Market season, Volunteers needed
  • June 2016:  Farmers Markets open, Annual Dinner and Auction
  • May 2016:  CSA Bonus Bucks, Annual Dinner and Auction, SNAP at the farmers markets
  • April 2016:  SNAP at farmers markets, CSA Bonus Bucks, volunteer opportunities
  • February 2016:  Winterfest film, Local Food Guide, Trivia Night, CSA sign-up
  • January 2016:  Growing Community, Winterfest Film, Local Food Guide


  • December 2015:  Growing Community, Winterfest Film, Cabin Fever Trivia Night
  • October 2015:  Youth Summit and Fight Hunger 5K results
  • September 2015:  North Country Food Day Youth Summit, Just Eat It movie, Fight Hunger 5K
  • August 2015:  North Country Food Day Youth Summit, "Just Eat It" movie, farmers markets
  • June 2015:  Farmers markets, local food guide, youth summit, and annual dinner results!
  • April 2015 : Changes, local food guide, bonus bucks
  • February 2015:  More from Gloria, Trivia Night, CSA Bonus Bucks


  • December 2014:  Growing Community Social, Annual dinner thanks
  • October 2014:  Thoughts from our new director
  • August 2014:  Fed Up! at Cinema 10, the St. Lawrence County Community Food Security Assessment, the Co-op's Baking Fest to benefit GardenShare and more
  • June 2014:  Swift support for Bonus Bucks, a chance to nominate someone for the Growing Community Award, a Youth Summit update, and more
  • April 2014:  New farmers' markets, community support for GardenShare,community garden in Hopkinton and more
  • February 2014:  Cafeteria Man Screening, Grower Workshops, What is a Food Policy Council, and more


  • December 2013:  EBT sales nearly doubled over last year; Two SLC farmers' markets; Cafeteria Man screening, Trivia Night, and more
  • October 2013:  Brian and Jenny Walker Growing Community Heros, Youth Summit, Harvest Social, and more
  • August 2013:  Youth Summit: Registration is ON! Harvest Social Coming Soon, Farmers' Markets update, and more
  • June 2013:  Youth Summit keynote speaker, Roger Doiron, Fresh Connect boosts EBT value, Pilot Project to bring healthy food to diabetes patients, and a lot more
  • April 2013:  A preview of our Farmers' Market Promotion Program, CSA Bonus Bucks released, an invitation to receive our Local Food Guide, Town of Canton food sovereignty, some events and more
  • February 2013:  Potsdam Indoor Winter Market, New Online Farmers' Market, Town of Canton Zoning, 2012 Annual Report, Cabin Fever Trivia, and Queen of the Sun


  • December 2012:  Queen of the Sun at Canton Winterfest, Farmers' Market Gift Tokens, Share-a-Share, and more
  • October 2012:  Carlton Doane to receive Growing Community Award, Harvest Social invite, GardenShare gets USDA grant and more
  • August 2012:  SNAP incentive effective at the farmers' markets, a couple of new ways to donate, processing facility study complete, save the date for the Harvest Social, and more
  • June 2012:  A look at Farm Bill resources, stretching EBT dollars at the Canton and Potsdam Farmers' Markets, and lots more
  • April 2012:  Includes information about EBT at Farmers' Markets and CSA, how to get a Wholesale Success manual, a call for volunteers and more
  • February 2012:  Includes information about a Farm Bill workshop, Small Farm Rising Screening, Local Food Guide Deadlines, Dig In!, NOFA-NY honors GardenShare, and a Wholesale Success Workshop for area growers
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