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Bob's Produce

Grandpa's Sprouts

We enjoy growing vegetables and the grand kids are learning how things grow, from planting to weeding to harvest. I farm because I enjoy it.

Zook Family Farm

Pat and April's Pork

Our pigs are home grown and fed a healthy, balanced diet, including corn, soy, and important vitamins and minerals.  We do not use growth-promoting antibiotics or hormones. Our pigs are raised in a pleasant environment that we’d be happy to show you.  Happy pigs make yummy pork. Also, try our beef and chicken humanely raised by us.  Available year round.

Cedar Front Farm

Naturally grown vegetables, and raised eggs. Our top products for the season are spaghetti, butternut, and acorn squash, along with pumpkins. We also have hay, soybean and corn for animals.

Dave and Deb's "Lime Hollow Honey"

Childwold Produce & Crafts

Andrew Yoder Family

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