Who We Are

Who We Are

About Us
GardenShare is a locally led, nonprofit organization seeking to end hunger and strengthen food security in northern New York State, a remote rural region known as the North Country.

Our Mission
GardenShare works to build a North Country where all of us have enough to eat and enough to share—where our food choices are healthy for us, for our communities, and for the environment. 

Board of Directors
Carol Pynchon, President
Sarah Bentley-Garfinkel, Vice-President
Dave Rice, Secretary
Lisa Hall, Treasurer
Maria Corse
Jan DeWaters
Sandy Stauffer
Anneke Larrance

Gloria McAdam, Executive Director 
Carlene Doane, Associate Director

Phil Harnden, Founder

You can reach us at:
PO Box 516, Canton, NY 13617