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GardenShare's 6th Annual Fundraising Dinner (Thu, 2015-05-14) It's going to be a wonderful evening of food, friends, and fundraising!
Pro Act presents: Cabin Fever Trivia Night! (Mon, 2015-02-23) Join host Ellen Rocco for GardenShare’s third Cabin Fever Trivia Night benefit!
Local Food Guide 2015 (Sun, 2015-01-18) As 2015 begins, we again focus on creating the newest version of the Local Food Guide.
Meet GardenShare’s New Executive Director (Thu, 2015-01-01) North Country native Gloria McAdam brings passion and experience
The Greenhorns Documentary and panel discussion (Thu, 2015-01-01) Join us for a special screening on February 10th!
Growing Community Social (Wed, 2014-12-03) Join us for GardenShare's Growing Community Social on Saturday, January 17, from 2 to 4 p.m
Gloria McAdam on Coming Home, the North Country and a Lot More (Tue, 2014-10-07) GardenShare's new Executive Director shares her thoughts and ideas.
GardenShare’s 5th Annual Fundraiser Dinner (Mon, 2014-09-15) Meet our new director on November 6, 2014!
After watching Fed Up at Cinema 10... (Wed, 2014-08-13) This documentary shows how processed food has gone from bad to worse. How can we take back our food system?