SNAP/EBT Programs

SNAP/EBT Programs

Formerly known as Food Stamps, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) distributes monthly benefits onto a plastic card called an Electric Benefits Transfer (EBT) card. Paper food stamp coupons are no longer used. The EBT card works as a debit card, usable like cash to purchase food at certified SNAP food retailers to help low-income working people, seniors, the disabled, and others to feed their families. For the latest updates and information about SNAP from the USDA, click here

SNAP benefits can be used to purchase food not only in grocery stores, but at Farmer's Markets all around St. Lawrence County, as well. Household size, income, and several other factors determine one's level of eligibabilty for these benefits. For more information about the SNAP benefits available in New York State, click here and in St. Lawrence County, click here

Any questions about eligibility or the application process can be directed to:

Kelly Friot, Principal Social Welfare Examiner 

St. Lawrence County Department of Social Services

(315) 229-3136