Food Day -- October 24

Food Day -- October 24

FOOD DAY is a nationwide celebration and a movement for healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. Celebrated annually on October 24, the idea is to raise awareness about important food issues like diet and health, sustainable agriculture, hunger in our communities and junk food marketing to kids.

You can get involved!
The organizers of Food Day have lots of great ideas to help you celebrate! Host an event as an individual or an organization. Screen a movie, host a farm-fresh or local-centered potluck, kick-off a workplace health challenge, host a Hunger Banquet... there are so many options.

If you are a student, teacher, or school food-service worker, and would like to do something at your school to celebrate Food Day, has a great resource here, called Classroom Lessons to Transform Youth and Their Communities. There are plenty of great ideas to help students understand the food system and their role in it. See our list here, or dream something up, to connect people in your school with the ideas of building a food system that is healthy, affordable and sustainable!

GardenShare can help.
We can help you find resources, or grants, and we can help with media, marketing, and more. Email

A note about the North Country Food Day Youth Summit
Sadly, we did not get enough funding to put on a Food Day Youth Summit this year. More information about the Summit is available here.