Bonus Bucks - Making Local Food Affordable

Bonus Bucks - Making Local Food Affordable

GardenShare’s Bonus Bucks program is a way to double your money at your local farmers market or to receive financial assistance for 50% of your CSA share. Read about your options, pick the one that suits you best, fill out your application, and send your application to GardenShare.

First, read about your two options:

1.  Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a way to buy food directly from a farmer.  Choose a CSA from the list on the application. Every farm works differently and offers different products and pricing, so it is important to research and call the farm to determine which one works best for you. You can receive half the original cost from GardenShare Bonus Bucks, up to a max value of $250, and pay the rest yourself. For instance, if you pick a $350 share, you will be awarded $175 of Bonus Bucks. However, if your share costs $550, half of which is $275, you would receive $250 of Bonus Bucks. You may be able to pay for the rest of your share with your EBT/SNAP food benefits. If this option interests you, please call for details: 315-261-8054


2.  Double your purchasing power at the Farmers Market!

If your receive SNAP benefits, take your card straight to the market manager to get double value. If you are not on SNAP, you can still double your purchasing power with our new punch card program.

You can purchase up to 25 punch cards per year, meaning $250 dollars worth of farmers market coins will only cost you $125. Each individual $10 punch card costs you $5 out of pocket and each card can be purchased in single quantity or in bulk. Punch cards are taken to the market manager in exchange for $2 tokens which can only be spent on food at the farmers market.

*This program will be operating as long as funds are available
For more information reach us at 315-261-8054 or at


Do you qualify for GardenShare Bonus Bucks? The total gross yearly income of all your household members combined must be at or below these levels:

If you have 1 person in your house hold, your annual income must be less than $41,000.
If you have 2 people in your house hold, your annual income must be less than $49,000.
If you have 3 people in your house hold, your annual income must be less than $56,000.
If you have 4 people in your house hold, your annual income must be less than $64,000.

If you have 5 or more people in your household, your annual income must be less than $71,000.

Limit: one per household per year.
If you are a dependent on someone else’s tax return who does not meet these levels, you do not qualify for Bonus Bucks.

Then, download the application below, fill it out, and send it into GardenShare.

If you need a print copy of the application and farm list, please let us know and we'll be glad to drop one in the mail to you. Either email, or call us at 315-261-8054.

Please note:

  • Bonus Bucks is a program of GardenShare, a nonprofit organization that works to make wholesome food available to all of us.
  • GardenShare is not itself a farm or a farmers market. We simply introduce you to CSA farms and farmers markets that accept our Bonus Bucks.
  • The lists of farms found elsewhere on this website are for reference. Please contact the farms directly for more information about shares, plans and costs.
  • GardenShare does not certify or endorse any of the farms listed. It is your responsibility to choose a farm or farmers market that best meets your needs.

Tax-deductible donations to GardenShare help make local food affordable for people on limited incomes.
Click here to make a donation to help extend Bonus Bucks to more families.

Support for this program was generously provided by the Health Initiative in partnership with Alcoa, the Allen Foundation and GardenShare supporters.